Down to the Wyre

A Gravel Adventure

DISTANCE: 30 Miles

DURATION: 7 to 8 hours

LEVEL: Expert. Very good fitness is required. Some portions of the ride will require you to push your bike up steep & uneven bridleways.

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Route Description

A glorious 30 mile loop starting and ending at the White Harte in the village of Kinver. It follows steep lanes and bridleways up and down to the River Severn, crossing at Upper Arley. Climbing steeply for 2.5 miles out of the Severn valley the route plunges into the Wyre Forest on gravel roads and follows the disused rail line into Bewdley. Here it crosses the Severn again and follows NCN route 45 into Stourport where it picks up the Staffs & Worcester Canal all the way back north to Kinver.

With 1800ft of climbing in the first 15 miles this is a challenging gravel ride. The ‘ups’ are steep and slow the downs are earned, spectacular and fast.

Luckily for you we have already recced the route and you can watch in the video below:


This won’t be a race! The pace will be as fast as the slowest rider. It is a full day ride with plenty of time to enjoy and explore. Allow 7-8 hours with breaks and a picnic.

Long days outdoors riding off road, cross country and unfamiliar routes is physically and mentally demanding. Please be aware that a ride of this nature will stress your body beyond your regular riding routine.

Towns and roads along the route will be busy as they are tourist destinations. For this reason, we ask you to carry enough food, snacks and hydration for the day as it may not be practical to stop.

Sections of the bridleways are quite remote and you may need to push your bike up a steep and uneven ascent.

If you would like to join us please read our CODE OF CONDUCT where you can register for Bicycle Adventure Club Rides. Please read the RISK ASSESSMENT below.

This ride will take place in line with our Covid Risk Assessment please maintain social distancing and bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

Risk Assessment

ROUTE NAME: Down to the Wyre

DISTANCE: 30 miles


START/FINISH: ///amuse.chariots.hedgehog SO 8456 8335

UPDATED: 20 April 2021

BY: Sarah Round


A glorious 30 mile loop starting and ending at the White Harte in the village of Kinver. It follows lanes and bridleways down to the River Severn and crosses at Upper Arley. Climbing out of the Severn valley the route plunges onto the Wyre Forest on gravel roads and follows the disused rail line into Bewdley. Here it crosses the Severn again and follows NCN route 45 into Stourport where it picks up the Staffs & Worcester Canal all the way back north to Kinver.

Roads/Lanes are narrow, undulating and potholed, especially near the gutter and especially through Button Oak.236Slow speedCall out obstaclesTake the Primary position/stay away from the gutter.At StartEn route
Bridleways well used by horses and riders224Moderate speeds, be wAware especially on descents,, call out early warning, pass slowly and calmly with a wide berth. Split group and wait if necessaryAt startEn Route
Gravel Roads are of a good grade but dust and chips can be thrown up and can be a skid risk, stopping distance will be longer122slowUse glassesMore distance from thee rider in frontAt startEn route
Singletrack, often rooty and overgrown, other users on blind bends224Moderate speedsUse bellAt startEn route
Bridleways are remote236Annotated map to identify nearest vehicular access pointsPre Ride
Nearest Vehicular Access Point Grid References for Bridleway Sections

7 thoughts on “Down to the Wyre

  1. This is a fab ride, through fantastic countryside. It’s a ride of 2 halves
    – the 1st half is tough, but enjoyably so and the downhills are spectacular, especially the downhill into Arley! Amazing….
    2nd half is just glorious, it’s flat and along a gorgeous stretch of canal, with wide paths and fab views!
    Will definitely go back and so this again, thanks Sarah for a fab route…


  2. We tagged along with BAC (Sarah and Mary) to carry out a recci route ‘Down to the Wyre’.
    We started off in Kinver along the country lanes which was followed by a great off road section.
    We covered routes via Kinver, Arley, Bewdley, Stourport, Kidderminster and back to Kinver.
    The route was fast and flowy in parts, some good climbs with fantastic scenery.
    I’d recommend this route and would certainly do it again.
    Thanks again BAC, see you soon love Teenz and Andy x


  3. My first group ride, it was brilliant, it certainly won’t be my last, I can’t wait for the next BAC outing already.
    Sarah and Mary were so nice, welcoming and down to earth, 2 of the nicest folk you’ll meet, rode with a lovely group of people, laughing, cycling, beautiful scenery coupled with the best company one could hope for, couldn’t have asked for a better day.

    Thank you both so much.


  4. This was a brilliant route. fast downhills, picturesque climbs, only short road sections and the last half is flat and easy!


  5. Got an invite to this ride, was my first so was a bit worried as did not know anyone, They are a great bunch of folk to ride with.
    Sarah and Mary the organisers are so nice and make you feel so welcome.
    The route was just great, tracks I had ridden before and some I did not know of, fantastic climbs, lots of off road with great views, hitting wyre forest we all stopped for lunch by a stream all had a good giggle, and chill in the sun…dropping into Bewdley then over to stourport to hit the canal for a nice easy ride back to the start.
    Great folk, great company, steady pace….this group is fantastic for anyone not into trying to be the fastest and basically wanting to have fun.
    Loved it….thank you..x


  6. There were two great things about this ride.

    First was the route – a challenging mix of ups and downs, rough and smooth (though the “rough” was not too technical), road and off-road (though mostly off-road, and the roads were short sections and not too scary). It was a shade under 29 miles, with a shade under 2,000 ft of ascent. In places, most people had to push their bikes, but there’s no shame in that. 😉 The route suits a hardtail MTB or gravel/hybrid bike. A road bike might struggle in places, and a full suspension MTB would be overkill (though certainly do-able).

    Second great part was the people! Sarah and Mary started the Bicycle Adventure Club a year or so ago, to get people of all types, shapes, sizes, experience to have fun on a bike together. They are a right laugh, very welcoming and the group on this ride had a super time together. Nobody was left behind, but the pace and route were challenging enough even for the very fit. Definitely can recommend this group and the Bicycle Adventure Club for fun on two wheels!



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