The Bicycle Adventure Club is for folks who love exploring, adventure and travelling by bicycle.

We are Sarah & Mary. We started the Bicycle Adventure Club in March 2019. We wanted to spend more time exploring and having adventures. This evolved into sharing our adventures with you via our Blog and YouTube Channel as well as encouraging and taking people on adventures of their own.

Being in the Bicycle Adventure Club is easy. There are no expectations of distance or speed, but we do ask that you learn about where you are cycling, take lots of lovely pictures and share your journeys with us on our Facebook Page and join in our Facebook Group.

Check out our Ride With Us page if you fancy joining in.

If you enjoy our site & adventures and would like to support us please head to our little shop. Buying something from us not only helps to spread the Bicycle Adventure Club word but helps us to keep the site and the adventures going. You can also make a donation by hitting the Donate via PayPal button below.

Please follow the Blog and sign up to the email list to stay in the Bicycle Adventure Club loop.

Thank you for dropping by

Rules of the Bicycle Adventure Club

  1. Talk about Bicycle Adventure Club
  2. Never come back the way you went
  3. Wear what you like
  4. It’s not a race
  5. Share your cycling experiences

Sarah & Mary

Latest Blog Posts

Cycling Diversity Alliance

In August 2020 I wrote a blog post about Diversity and Inclusion in the Bicycle Adventure Club. It left me with the mandate to: be more mindful, educate myself and start some conversations.

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Run to the Hills

On a cold winters day in the middle of lockdown we cycle out to discover the source if a river and follow it home.

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Buying my New Bike

Every cyclists reaches a point where there is a need to upgrade the bike they began their cycling journey on. In this post Jess starts to think about her new whip.

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We get asked a lot about Zwift and our setup so in this blog we take you through our Zwifting setup and our initial experience.

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Project 139

Want to have adventures a little closer to home. Roll with us through Project 139.



  • a vehicle consisting of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel



  • an unusual and exciting or daring experience.



  • an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
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