The Bicycle Adventure Club was set up in March 2019 by Sarah & Mary. We wanted to spend more time exploring and having adventures. All the things we did as kids without thinking. Getting out of our routines and outside into nature.


I was born on a bicycle and lusted over Raleigh Burners in the Argos Catalogue. Dad insisted on a ‘proper’ bike. It wasn’t a Raleigh Burner.

My totally un-cool racing bike, a metallic, red & grey, Raleigh Marlboro Medallion; carried me for miles and miles of life and further away from home than any child of today would sensibly be allowed. Hours were spent upgrading bits, cleaning and shining all the shiny parts – no rust was ever allowed on the chromed rims. Countless hours were spent staring at maps and finding new ways home.

The beautiful Marlboro Medallion lasted for 20 years until I could afford a Mountain Bike. It was 1998 and with my first proper wage packet I purchased a beautiful Kona Firemountain. In 2001 I completed a 500km bike ride in China in aid of MENCAP.

Inspired, I quit my job, put my trusty steed on an aeroplane and flew off to Seattle to cycle the West Coast of the USA. Once I got to LA I flew to Australia cycled around Tasmania and the mainland and had a jolly good time.

I have commuted through English Winters, gone wheel to wheel with some of the busiest cities in the world and cycled most of the canal network in Central England. A total bicycle nerd, I even managed to figure out how to go cycling with the Dogs!

I’m over the moon that the 80s are cool again and that this time round I’m in charge and have my own money!

All my life, my bicycle has been my constant companion. It has been a vehicle for adventure, comfort, peace and solitude. I can’t imagine life without it. The Bicycle Adventure Club is the culmination of my journey through life, of self discovery of focus and purpose.

In 2008 I met Mary. Mary also loved travel, adventure and cycling! In 2012 we ran away to New York and got married.


One day in Nineteen Seventy-blah a young Mary decided she was going to cycle around the Lake District. Having been there on a school trip from her home in inner city Birmingham, she’d fallen in love with the wide open spaces. Going by bicycle was the obvious choice.

Mary loved her bike. She shared it with her brother and once, she pushed him over so he couldn’t have a go. This was the 1970s! All the days warm and lasted forever. All you needed was a sugar sandwich and your favourite T-shirt.

Mary got her shiny-blue Raleigh Racer ready and map in hand she slung the pot and pan clad rucksac onto her back. Completely prepared and with everything she could possibly need for a successful bicycle expedition to the Lakes……..

Mary & Sarah in the Lake District

……but she was only 10 and her Mom wouldn’t let her go!

40 years later Mary finally got to do her bicycle adventure!

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