Ride With Us

Riding with other folks is a beautiful thing.

The shared passion, the camaraderie the belly laughs & fun. We love people to join us on our rides and adventures.

The name says it all! Bicycle Adventure!

Occasionally we organise a ride where you can come and join us on an adventure. Our group rides are non-competitive, adventure rides. We ride off road where we can and we like to push the odd boundary, getting out of our comfort zone. We like to explore, learn, camp, drink tea, eat cake and have a good time.

If you are a competent rider who is looking for something a bit more challenging then keep an eye on our ride calendar below.

Our Sutton Park MTB trail rides are perfect for folks just begining their off road experience as the rides are shorter (6 to 10 miles) and the trails are traffic free giving you time to concentrate on the trail and improve your off road, bike handling abilities. We recommend you attend one of these before joining us on one of our longer rides so you can meet other riders and see if the group is a good fit for you.

Keep Scrolling for more information:

Ride Calendar:

Our RIDES page contains the details about some of the routes we ride.

What to do next

Before taking part in one of our events we ask that you register with the Bicycle Adventure Club. Registering gives us your personal and emergency contact information so we can keep in touch with you before, during and after rides.

To Register …..

….head to our CODE OF CONDUCT page. Once you have read the page there is a link at the bottom to register with us.

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