Code of Conduct

To make sure life stays great and people stay happy here is a list to remind us all of what is expected when out riding.

Please read it carefully and there is an option to register for our rides at the bottom of the page.

In no particular order:

  1. Be respectful, kind & courteous to your fellow riders and other people
  2. Introduce yourself to the ride leader and other riders
  3. No one gets left behind. If you are struggling please let your fellow riders know.
  4. Adhere to the Highway Code
  5. Adhere to the Countryside Code
  6. Self Reliance:
    • Carry your own tools/kit and know how to use them
    • Carry your own spares
    • Be prepared for the weather
    • Carry easily accessible contact details in case of emergency
    • Ensure you are in good physical condition for the ride
    • Carry your own food and hydration
  1. Keep your bike and kit in good working order
  2. Always ask before helping someone
  3. We don’t race
  4. Never come back the way you went
  5. We respect the environment:
    • Stick to trails to prevent widening and erosion
    • Dispose of waste properly or carry it home
    • Respect flora and fauna
    • Adopt Leave No Trace principles


The Bicycle Adventure club is an inclusive club and we welcome all races, ages, genders, sizes, faiths, abilities and orientations.

The Bicycle Adventure Club is a non-competitive club. 

You are joining Bicycle Adventure Club Rides entirely at your own risk. Please ride within your limits.

We do our best to explain what the ride physically requires but you are responsible for ensuring you can undertake physical activity of this nature and if in doubt should seek advice from your GP.

We highly recommend that you join Cycling UK as an affiliated individual at the discounted rate of £28. You will recieve £10 million third party liability insurance and some other benefits. You can obtain the discount by quoting: 90208571


T: 01483 238301


Bicycle Adventure Club often ride off-road and you will need to be prepared to carry your bike and gear to navigate obstacles.

We are not the helmet or hi-viz police. Whilst we recommend you wear a helmet to ride in it is ultimately your chioce. Please read our ride risk assessments thoroughly and make sure you are dressed appropriately for the kind if riding you will be doing; as well as the weather.

You may be photographed or video whilst on group rides for use on our website or social media platforms. If you would rather not be included in this please let your ride leader know.

You may also Wish to read our:



If you are happy with that lot you can register to ride with us HERE.

If you would like to unregister please go HERE.

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