Project 139

Putting Adventure on the Map!

Welcome to our repository of local adventures. Journeys through space and time. Inspired by our local Ordnance Survey Landranger map: 139.

Our adventures nearly always start with a map. Scanning the paper for possibilities. In the UK we are lucky to have the Ordnance Survey (OS). Military in origin, our national mapping agency had been mapping the UK since 1745. 

The OS Landranger series of maps is a cyclist’s dream. The perfect size to plan day trips and overnight loops all from our doorstep and just enough information to understand what lies ahead, and of course, get us home safe.

139 is dominated by the pink hues of the West Midlands Conurbation and the thick blue lines of the UK motorway network. No mountain ranges, great rivers or swathes of green forest and yet, amongst the sprawl there are hills and woodlands, castles and canals, river valleys, wetlands and geological and archaeological hotspots all linked by old ways and new.  

The map is full of adventure possibilities. Better than that, the map is ‘permission’. A playground full of curious place names, water, hills, woodland, housing & industry All of it reachable in a few hours by bicycle. 

The map is our playground. Grab your bike and come with us. Let’s re-discover our own areas and go on a local bicycle adventure.

See you out there.

Sarah & Mary

1. Introduction

Nothing beats a good old coddiwomple. A fabulous word meaning “to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”. I like testing my limits, planning routes and fettling gear. Never enough time nor money to do spectacular; yet I want to have inspiring adventures. I also want money and my lifestyle. The eternal, frustrated adventure…….READ MORE

2. Map to Adventure

Map Gazing is a journey in itself. Curiously following thought to a conclusion and turning it into action. Whether to increase knowledge, test a limit or simply just because. Inspiration, curiosity and motivation are all that are needed to find adventure anywhere. Oh, and a bicycle!…..READ MORE

Lates Project 139 Blogs

Ridgacre Canal

Mary & I headed off the well cycled canal towpaths to explore the Ridgacre Branch of the Wednesbury canal as part of our Project 139 series.

Curly Wyrley

Mary & Sarah take a bicycle trip on the Wyrley & Essington canal. Affectionately known at the Curly Wyrley due to its circuitous route through the North of the Black Country.

Proper Black Country humour up the cut!

Streets of Birmingham

As part of the Bicycle Adventure Club Project 139, Mary & Sarah take a ride around the eerily silent centre of Birmingham on what would normally be a bustling Saturday. Mary aslo takes us on a tour of Digbeth and her childhood.

Map to Adventure

Project 139 is based around the Ordnance Survey Landranger series 1: 50 000 scale maps. Map number 139 in particular because it is where Mary & I live. It give us a boundary so we can look for adventures closer to home. How do you find that adventure? In this post I want to try and take you on that journey. The journey from map to adventure.

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