The 4 Tunnels Ride

DISTANCE: Around 40 miles

DURATION: 5 hours

LEVEL: Intermediate gravel ride. Good fitness required. Mostly canal towpaths which are narrow, muddy and pot holed.

Route Description

Pickup Point: 10am Brindley Place

This will be a 35 mile ride.

From Brindley Place we will head towards the Bradley Arm on the Birmingham Old & Wednesbury canal before going through the oldest of the tunnels – the Coseley tunnel, then on to Tipton where we will leave the canal, climb up and over Dudley on the road, before rejoining the canal and heading through the Netherton Tunnel.

We will climb back up on to the old main line for our return trip to Brum.

All surface types will be encountered: bricky, lumpy bumpy, road & gravel, grass, rutted mud!

You will need a good level of fitness.You will need good lights for the tunnels.If you would like to join us for this ride please hit the ‘going’ button; and if you haven’t already, please read our code of conduct and register your details:

Netherton tunnel is 2768m long. It is dark. You will need a light. The tow path will be pot holed, very wet and narrow.

Emerging from the tunnel we will ride Thomas Telfords faster, new Birmingham Mainline Canal back into Brummagem.

This ride is an explore not a race. Please allow 4-6 hours. There is a climb up over Dudley and some busy roads.

Mountain bikes and gravel bikes will be fine, you will be ok on a hybrid as long as you can cope with mud and ruts.


If you would like to join us please read our CODE OF CONDUCT where you can register for Bicycle Adventure Club Rides.

This ride will take place in line with our Covid Risk Assessment please maintain social distancing and bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

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