Brum to Worcester on the Cut

A Full Day of Towpath Adventure

We did this ride on 8th August 2021. See how we got on in the video below:

Ride Details

DISTANCE: 30 miles

DURATION: 6-7 hours (depending on towpath conditions)

Meeting in Brindley Place at 08:00 we will aim to depart by 8:15. We will cycle all the way to Worcester on the canal, learning about the canal as we go. There will be plenty of stops to take in the scenery and history. The ride will end at Diglis Basin in Worcester so you will need to make arrangements for your return journey.

Route Information

The Worcester canal is 29 miles (47 km) long. There are 58 locks in total on the canal, including the 30 Tardebigge Locks, one of the largest lock flights in Europe. The canal drops 428 feet (130 m) from Birmingham to Worcester! The tunnels en route do not have towpaths so we will have to cycle up and over on the oss path.

If it is raining you will need to take extra care on the bricks, especially over bridges and through Locks. The towpath condition will degrade as we get out into the countryside so be prepared for narrow, uneven surfaces and mud. You may have to push/carry your bike.

Long days outdoors riding off road, cross country and unfamiliar routes is physically and mentally demanding. Please be aware that a ride of this nature will stress your body beyond your regular riding routine. Don’t over estimate your abilities.

If you would like to join us please read our CODE OF CONDUCT where you can register for Bicycle Adventure Club Rides.

This ride will take place in line with our Covid Risk Assessment please maintain social distancing and bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

Leaving the Ride

You are welcome to leave the ride at any time. Please let the ride leader know. Don’t just disappear!

What to Bring

Water – plenty as it will be warm

Picnic Lunch





Spare tube, pump, tools, repair kit


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