Bradley Branch Canal and the Coseley Tunnel

In this Project 139 adventure we set out to find and ride the Bradley Branch Canal. Creating a 30 mile Off road Urban Gravel Cycling Route.

The Bradley Branch

Built in stages it was completed in 1849 providing another link carrying the canal 64ft up, via 9 locks, from the Walsall Canal up to the Wolverhampton level Birmingham Mainline canal. Closed in the 1950s the top seven locks were filled in and landscaped but remain intact underneath. The bottom locks are still visible.

1967 OS map shows the Bradley Branch from Deepfields to Wednesbury

A 2015 feasibility study cited the unique history of the Branch canal as reason for restoration to once again provide a navigable route through the Bradley Locks whist providing a haven for wildlife, recreation areas and waterfront regeneration.

The Coseley Tunnel

The Netherton is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady but not to be outdone, the Coseley Tunnel has it’s own tormented occupant.

The White Lady

Hannah Johnson Cox was abandoned by her husband when her family were evicted for rent arrears. Unable to gain entry to the workhouse, Hannah was driven to desperation.

On June 14, 1901, she tied her two youngest daughters together and pushed them into the water in Coseley Canal Tunnel.

She went to the nearest police station and confessed. She was found to be guilty but insane and was detained at an asylum. 

What happened to her after that is not known, but it’s said that a White Lady is still seen in the tunnel.

Searching for her lost children……

The Route & Video

Although disused the route of the Bradley Branch still exists and we were able to use it to jump from the Walsall Canal up on to the Birmingham Mainline, returing to Birmingham through the Haunted Coseley Tunnel. We created a fantastic 30 mile off road Urban Gravel Route through Birmingham and the Black Country.



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