Sutton Park MTB Ride

Here is the information you will need to join the Bicycle Adventure Club on a group Mountain Bike Ride in Sutton Park.

If you are tempted to join one of our longer rides but are worried about your abilities or fitness then Sutton Park MTB trail rides are perfect. The rides are shorter (6 to 10 miles) and the trails are traffic free giving you time to concentrate on the trail and improve your off road, bike handling abilities.

Starting & Finishing at Banners Gate Car Park this is a social ride that takes us all over the park. Nice long gravelly climbs followed by gravelly and rooty descents; grassy singletrack and through the forests and trees. There isn’t anything particularly technical, there are some MTB trail features but you can roll around them and you can always get off and walk but we would encourage you to try everything.

There are some kissing gates in the park that we have to do kissing at………not really, but you will need to be able to lift your bike over them.

Big tyres will definitely help as will low gears & suspension but neither are absolutely necessary. Please check your bike is in good working order and especially your brakes. Mid-descent is not a time to find out they don’t work properly.

We typically cover around 6 to 10 miles, depending on conditions and we reccomend you bring refreshments.

Sutton Park is a National Nature Reserve and of archaeological and ecological importance. Please stick to the trails and paths in the park to avoid futher damage to the natural environment in this aready heavily used area.

The park and it’s trails are a shared space. There will be walkers, dogs off lead, kids off lead, other cyclists and wild animals, inlcuding the wild Exmoor ponies in the north of the park. Please moderate your speeds, give way to other park users and give animals a wide, quiet berth so we do not cause distress.

When riding, please make sure you leave sufficient distance between you and the ride in front in case they should come to a sudden stop.

And finally…..remember to look well ahead on the trail to plan ahead for obstacles and barriers, look down the trail but also watch out for low branches and face whippers!

Sometimes we do it in the dark

Full moons are a favourite of ours and just to spice the riding up we sometimes ride Sutton Park at night or into the dawn where the trails can look very different.

If you are attending a ride that is wholly or partly before or after sunset please be aware that there are no street lights in Sutton Park. It is very dark. You will need good trail lights that are capable of lighting up the trail for the speed you are comfortable riding at.

If you would like to join us please read our CODE OF CONDUCT where you can register for Bicycle Adventure Club Rides. Please read the RISK ASSESSMENT below.

This ride will take place in line with our Covid Risk Assessment please maintain social distancing and bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes.

Here are some links to videos we have filmed in Sutton Park:

These will give you an idea of trails and conditions.

Risk Assessment

ROUTE NAME: Sutton Park MTB Routes

DISTANCE: 8 – 10 miles


START/FINISH: Sutton Park. Banners Gate Car Park ///showed.hats.orders SP 0910 9555

UPDATED: 07 April 2021 BY: Sarah Round

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Completely within the confines of Sutton Park, on single track, forest trails and gravel roads. 

1 = Low 3 =  high Multiply for total.

LocationHazzardRiskSeverityTotalControl MeasureWarning Given
ThroughoutOther Park Users
313Moderate Speeds in High traffic areas
Call out/bell/
Give way to pedestrians
Call Out/Use Bells on Blind corners 
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutUneven & loose surfaces326Ensure bikes, brakes and tyres are suitable and in good working order
Verbal Warning to rider behind
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutOver head Branches
& vegetation
326Recommend Helmets and Glasses are worn to protect heads & eyes
Verbal Warning to rider behind
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutWild Animals &
Dogs off lead
326Give way to
Give a wide slow berth 
Verbal Warning to rider behind
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutTraffic RoadsTrain Tracks212Stop before crossing
Dismount if necessary
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutFall/Injury236Maintain Distance from Rider In front
Call out obstacles to rider behind
Do not ride beyond capability
Push if necessary
At Start
En Route
ThroughoutKissing gates that bikes need to be lifted over111Lift bikes over with another member of the groupAt Start
En route
Riding At NightUnlit trails339Good Trail Lights
Moderate Speeds Accordingly
Helmets recommended
Clear glasses recommended
At Start

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