Happy New Year 2020

Hello Bicycle Adventure Clubbers!

We need your help! Starting in 2020 we want to make this decade: Decade of the Bicycle Adventure club.

What can you do to help? Simply Join in and spread the word!

In the Beginning

Back in April 2019 we started the Bicycle Adventure Club to encourage ourselves out on more and better Adventures, to do more of what we love in life – explore, even from within the confines of our working lives.

As many people do, I had reached a point in life where, I had been so focused on other people and their expectations that I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted nor what I liked anymore. I was disengaging.

It has been a long and personal journey for me to get to this point. I am nowhere near where I would like to be but, throughout it all, the one thing I would always end up going back to, and daydreaming about, are all of the Adventures I’ve had. Especially those on my bicycle.

I realised they didn’t have to be daydreams. I’m a grown up and allowed to do what I want. It sounds juvenile and simple, but that is because it is: simple and quite purposefully – juvenile!

If you can’t find a tribe – build one!

Sharing the Bicycle Adventure Club with you all became a way to hold myself accountable for my new focus, indulge my creativity (something long neglected) and create an adventurous community of kindred spirits!

There has been a fantastic response to our You Tube Channel, our Facebook Page and group. We dipped our toes into ride organisation and really enjoyed getting out there with other Adventurous people.

We are very proud of what we have achieved this year.

Through the Bicycle Adventure Club we have made some wonderful new friendships – and rekindled old ones.

We have been out of our comfort zones – in the 75km Sportive – and signed up to new adventures with new friends in 2020.

The Future of Bicycle Adventure Club

Moving forward we want the Bicycle Adventure Club to be:

A place of Open source knowledge & adventures. Invite and encourage people to take part, pick our brains and maybe even share gear!

Make the miles we do, the gear we own, the way we look, by-products of the Adventures we’ve have rather than goals themselves.

We will organise more adventurous group rides so keep an eye on our Facebook Page

We want to encourage people to use the Bicycle Adventure Club platform to tell others about your own Adventures

We hope you will help us do this.

Rules of the Bicycle Adventure Club

  1. Talk about Bicycle Adventure Club
  2. Never come back the way you went
  3. Upskill when you can, reach out if you can’t
  4. Prepare – don’t plan
  5. Ride by smiles not miles

Please help us to grow the Bicycle Adventure Club in 2020. Invite your friends on Facebook, share our blogs and vlogs and tell us about your adventures.

The biggest thank you for 2019 is to Mary. She is the kindest , most supportive person I know. She teaches and guides me every day. The Bicycle Adventure Club nor quite possibly I, would be here without her.

And finally, thank you to you all. Have a very Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  1. Blwydden Newydd Dda from deepest West Wales. I’ve enjoyed your YouTube blogs, more needed! Looking forward to your 2020 adventures.



    1. Happy New Year to you too Bob! Thanks for the comment. Glad you are enjoying our videos, we’ve got lots of adventures planned for 2020 – see you out there!


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