Riders of the Lost Dark

I really need some motivation to get out and ride sometimes. Especially if it’s early, or dark, or raining, or cold – or all of the above. What better way to motivate yourself than: a) plan an exciting, different ride and b) create a bit of pressure by inviting other people to join you. This is what we did by hosting the first Bicycle Adventure Club ride – Riders of the Lost Dark (See what I did there Indy?). An early morning ride around our local trails from the dark to the dawn.

Sunrise at 7:20 meant a 6am ride start to get a few dark miles in. Everything looks and feels different pre-dawn. There is a stillness to the day.

Mary and I set off to the meeting point in Sutton Park. We passed an urban fox hanging around outside the local Wetherspoons. The dawn chorus provided the soundtrack. We had the streets to ourselves. It was eerily calm which makes everything sounds so much louder. Especially the bloody freehub on the Sonder. It’s annoyingly loud against the general traffic din during the day, but at this time of the morning it sounded like we were running a metal bar along metal railings.

We reached the meeting point at 5:30. Standing under a street lamp in the otherwise dark car park, we didn’t know if anyone would turn up. Not really the safest thing to do. Hanging around, in a dark car park, waiting for lord-knows-who. Mary and I reasoned; statistically it was unlikely there would be other serial killers show up. We should be pretty safe!

5:55am and we were still alone, trying to justify this madness to each other. Then, through the trees , the flicker of a bicycle headlight. Then another, and another.

There we were. 5 intrepid, pre-dawn Adventurers. Mary & I were joined by Sarah, Steve and Anthony. Lit up like Christmas trees and as excited as kids on Christmas morning.

We set off into the dark of the park, chatting and laughing. The socialising every bit as good as the riding. The trails were dark, very wet and muddy. We didn’t ride fast and we didn’t ride far but it was quite exciting riding around in the dark and it was great to have kindred adventurers to ride with.

We stopped half way to nowhere and broke out the flasks for a cuppa and a natter.

What really made the ride was the people. Sharing an activity you love with others is a real treat. It feeds your soul.

Mary and I cycled home on a real high with all sorts of ideas and plans for our next brilliant adventure.

If you would like to join us, check out our Facebook Events page for the next Adventure……

See you out there.


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