The Famous Downhill Bike Ride

Welcome to our latest Adventure. The Bicycle Adventure Club take on the Famous Downhill Bike Ride in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca.

This time we are without Mary, but we have the equally lovely cousin Harry.

At the age of 5 Harry desperately wanted to be a road sweeper. Mainly so he could drive one of those sweeper machines. Sometime later he delared: “When I grow up I will probably be far too busy to work!”. By the age of 8 he wanted to be a gas man. They had cool tool belts.

By the time he was in his teens Harry was pretty sure he was going to work with animals.

Harry is now 24 years old and has just completed 5 years of study at the Royal Veterinary College London and secured employment in a large Veterinary Practice in Wolverhampton. We are so bloody proud of him.

To celebrate his achievement and all his hard work, Harry and I decided we should go on a relaxing holiday to Benidorm!

Tempting as it was to get out clubbing and end up in ‘sticky Vicky’s’, we decided on a bicycle adventure. A quick google search and we found The Famous Downhill Bike Ride.

The website made it sound delightful:

IMAGINE …. being on a mountain-bike and letting gravity take over as you glide smoothly downhill for 30 kilometers at your own pace in easily manageable sections.

IMAGINE …. just for one day, that you’re leaving the bars, beaches and bustle of the busy coast behind you and being driven more than a mile high through spectacular mountain scenery to the highest point on the Costa Blanca.

It didn’t dissapoint! A superb day out in the mountains around Benidorm.

If you would like to know more or experience the magnificence of the Costa Blanca by bike, head to:

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