My Amazing Achievement

by Mary Daly

I have done it! My longest bike tour. I haven’t done anything quite like it before and wasn’t even sure if I could do it. I am so happy with myself. The video we created was amazing. I am blown away by the response it has received but I don’t think it does justice to what Sarah and I actually did.

Hard work but so rewarding.

It didn’t show how I struggled and how I felt sometimes. Especially camping on top of the Wrynose Pass, in such a remote place.

Sarah being a more experienced cyclist and traveller, gave me all the support, confidence and encouragement I needed. She anticipated situations and difficulties we may have had and she already had the solutions figured out.

I found the first day really tiring and especially the first night. We stopped to set up camp in the relentless rain. Sarah found a great spot to camp and we acted fast to get the tent up to make sure we could get dry and warm. I was very tired and just wanted to go to sleep but Sarah knew we needed to eat something and have a hot drink.

In the porch of the tent, in the torrential rain, Sarah made us some porridge and a hot cup of tea. She just knew that we needed to have something to give us energy for the next day to get us over Hardknott Pass and to help us sleep better. I immediately felt much better and was warm, dry and comfy.

I am so happy with my achievement. I really couldn’t have done this tour without the help expertise of my amazing wife Sarah.

I have learnt a lot. I now feel capable and inspired. There are so many more adventures and challenges that I want to do.

Most of all I hope we are encouraging you to get out and have an adventure. Just go and do it. So many amazing things are just outside of your comfort zone.

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