A Black Country Odyssey

This week the Bicycle Adventure Club tek yow deep into to the Black Country. The National Cycle Network makes good use of the canals in and around Birmingham, sometimes straying onto some of old canal lines makes for the best exploring.

Will Mary stay on her bike? How good will the flowness be? And what are the consequences of riding regularly?

Below is a dialect translation to help with the video in case yow cor spake proppa.

Black Country Dictionary

yow = you

Wim = we are

cor = cannot

bin = been

cut = canal

wearta = water

doe = does not

gooin = going

daan = down

guz = goes

ay eye = haven’t I

tek = take

spake = speak

Aynuk and Ayli are two mythical characters from the Black Country that figure in a large number of local jokes. Their names are literal, phonetical translations of the names Enoch and Eli into the Black Country accent.  (wikipedia)

Brummagem (and historically also BromichanBremicham and many similar variants, all essentially “Bromwich-ham”) is the local name for the city of BirminghamEngland, and the dialect associated with it. It gave rise to the terms Brum (a shortened version of Brummagem) and Brummie (applied to inhabitants of the city, their accent and dialect). (wikipedia)

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

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