Bristol to Bath

Sunday 4th October 2020

Mary & I were on the road by 7am. We were heading down to Bristol to meet with James & Roy to ride from Bristol to Bath, explore the Two Tunnels Route and cycle back to Bristol on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path.

We had pre booked the NCP Bristol Broadmead carpark where we would start and end our adventure.

There were amber weather warnings in force across the Bristol area for rainfall. A deep area of low pressure dumped a torrential amount of rainfall in a very short time. We knew the first three to four hours were likely to be apocalyptically wet and they didn’t disappoint.

The rain was already in full torrent as we drove down the M5. It didn’t concern us, it only added to the excitement of the adventure.

My only concern was getting cold, which is likely when you are wet. The temperature was hovering just over 10 degrees centigrade but we just kept moving and working to keep warm. There was no way we could have kept dry.

The rain bucketing from the sky filled every dip and hollow, streams and rivers broke their banks and poured onto the roads leaving us cycling through up to 2 ft of flood water.

It was delightful & exciting and turned what could have been quite an ordinary bicycle ride into an extraordinary adventure.

The wind was also another feature of the day. 20+ mph winds whipped the rain into our faces and stopped us freewheeling at times. Although when it was at our backs it made the hills effortless.

After lunch, the rain eased and the winds died down a little. The Devonshire and Combe Down Tunnels were a real experience and a joy to ride through. We cycled trough them both, then turned around and did it all again, before heading for the Bristol to Bath Railway route to cycle back into Bristol.


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See you out there

Sarah & Mary

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