Diversity in the Bicycle Adventure Club

I have been thinking a lot lately about inclusivity and diversity. Where are all the women, BAME, lgbtq+ adventurers? Why aren’t they turning up on our adventures? What can we do to increase diversity and make the Bicycle Adventure Club more inclusive? 

The truth is I am nowhere near capable nor qualified to write a blog post on this topic and yet the issue worries me. I can write a post about navigating the world being different to a lot of my peers, but it was a difference I could deny if I needed to, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of cowardice or exhaustion. 

I simply don’t want people to feel they need to deny themselves or believe that an activity isn’t an option because they don’t see people like themselves doing it. 

Looking back on the BAC events and rides I realise it is becoming harder to ignore the fact that we are predominantly white and almost exclusively male. 

Our social media platforms have a better balance, 60% male to 40% female of mostly middle aged people. Why don’t more women turn up on our rides? Where are the barriers?

The Bicycle Adventure Club has grown so much since we started out just over a year ago. In all honesty I just wanted to indulge my passion and get some mates to go on Bicycle Adventures with, in a safe environment, and we have certainly done that, but I have learnt so much more.  

I am aware that the Bicycle Adventure Club has a wider responsibility, that people might look to us for guidance. As we get bigger and more visible we need to be sure we aren’t just rotely repeating traditional narratives.

To make that happen I think our event pictures need to start to look very different. I’m not sure where to even start with it all, it is a massive subject. I do know that there are amazing people in the Bicycle Adventure Club, we are all on the same page with the same core values and we are crying out to be more inclusive and better allies but we aren’t sure how or where to start so let’s learn together.

The best I can do for now is be more mindful, educate myself and start the conversation. I am open to all suggestions, ideas and collaborations. If you have any resources you wish to share please comment below or pop them on our twitter of facebook page. When we have gathered enough I’ll make a resource page on the website to direct people to.

Here are some resources, groups and people I have been looking to for inspiration:










Simply Equality Podcast

Look Mum No Hands and the brilliant Wheel Suckerz Podcast

Please: if you have any more, let’s build this list!

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