Map Gazing

An introduction to Paper Maps and how to use them to have better bicycle adventures.

Satellite Navigation, digital maps, garmins, mobile phones mean that we are able to get from A-B without having to do much thinking; but what are you missing on the way? How do you know it is taking you via the best route? What if you are riding past that perfect bivi spot? Where exactly are you going and how do you get home?

A basic understanding of analogue maps will allow you to put the landscape and location into context, let you see exactly what is ahead of & around you, plan safer & more exciting routes and let you get the best out of your navigation devices.

With bike riding and adventuring in mind this session will cover:

  1. An Introduction to Maps and the history of mapping
  2. Basics of Map Reading
  3. Introduction to Navigating
  4. Introduction to planning routes & finding camping spots
  5. Using paper maps alongside technology
  6. Map Resources 

The workshop will take take place at BAC HQ in Birmingham and will last for 2 hours plus extra time for Q&A and tea & cake. Each Workshop is limited to 8 places.

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