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Mary is a genuine Brummie and Sarah a born & bred ‘bostin’ Black Country wench. We have been riding the countries canal system and all over the West Midlands for decades nurturing a lifelong interest in the history & geography of the Midlands.

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Hire the Bicycle Adventure Club…

Come and explore Birmingham & the Black Country by bicycle with Sarah & Mary.

We can guide you on a half day, full day or overnight bicycle adventure experience, in and around Birmingham & the Black Country.

We specialise in the canals & industrial heritage, we can also tailor a tour to suit your own interests and riding abilities.

Our bike touring/packing, route creating & leading and mechanical experience along with our local knowledge means we can ensure you have a hassle free, unique bicycle tour experience of the Midlands canal system and the wider Birmingham area.

Tours are traffic free where possible although we may use local cycling paths and quieter roads to move between areas of interest.

You will need your own bike in good working order – we may be able to hire one to you. You will need to be happy spending at least 3+ hours in the saddle, there will be plenty of stops.

What can we Do?

Half day/full day tours of Birmingham

A canal cycling tour of the industrial heartland learning all about the canals, their construction, use and the people that built & used them and how their use has changed over time.

Learn about canal infrastructure and how to ride and navigate the canals safely.

Brew up en route or find a local cafe for a cuppa tay. The choice is yours!

Want to visit an attraction en-route – no problem, we can take care of your bikes and gear whilst you head into your venue.

Doesn’t have to be in the daylight! Why not spice things up and do part or all of your tour in the dark!

Want a video keepsake of your experience?

We can film and edit together a short video of your tour with us.

Hire Us

Full Day

6 glorious hours of exploration, stories, history, anecdotes. You will practically be an honorary Brummie/Black Country mon/wench after this and done some of the best canal riding in the world!

2 people – £295

For a larger group please get in touch.

Half a Day

A 3 hour tour of the City & Canals

2 people – £155

If you would like to book a larger group please get in touch.

Longer Trips

Want to ride the canal from Birmingham to Worcester or Birmingham to Stratford? How about an overnight bikepacking trip on the Llangollen or the Grand Union?

For overnight trips or a bespoke tours please get in touch for a quote.

Want a video of your tour?

A fun & funky video to take your adventure memories home. For just £200 extra you get a HD, 15-20 minute edit of you adventure antics on your tour with you as the star!

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