A Bicycle Ride for Ray & Amber

Ray and his granddaughter Amber are both big fans of the Bicycle Adventure Club.

They each contacted us independently (and without the others knowledge) with the same request: could Mary & I send them a short video message; to wish them a Merry Christmas and cheer them up after a long, challenging year.

Luckily, Mary had to go to our local Matalan to return some ill-fitting trousers. We couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that to get out riding and we filmed the ride so Amber and Ray could come with us and we could cheer them up.

This video is not sponsored by Matalan, thankfully, as the quality and sizing is a bit hit and miss, however they do some nice socks and you can’t grumble at the prices – although you do buy cheap, buy twice.

My Christmas jumper is from Matalan – it wasn’t free though.

Thank you for Watching

Sarah & Mary

A Cup of Tea for Mary & Me

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4 thoughts on “A Bicycle Ride for Ray & Amber

  1. Would love to buy you a cuppa but although I have a PAYPAL account I cannot see how to do this.

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  2. riderinthedark 22nd Mar 2021 — 3:00 pm

    It was really nice of you to dedicate your ride. Super kind.

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